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HITIPanel helps me to visualize measurement for my students, it was especially useful in my online classes.


University Teacher

At ITG Systems, we design and implement custom embedded, Iot, Edge Computing and Home Automation projects for our customers. HITIPanel has helped us reduce out time to respond to our customers with a proof-of-concept design in a minimum amount of time.


Director of engineering

Debugging my code having all this very intuitive information, from variable values, timers, input and output values, even memory contents, becomes so easy. I can even change input values without having to reprogram the microprocessor.


HighSchool Teacher

Discover HITIPanel

Arduino board compatibility

Our products are currently compatible with the following Arduino boards :

Uno, Mega, Nano, Leonardo, Micro and MKR WiFi 1010

How does it work ?

HITIPanel uses serial communication to speak with your Arduino. This communication uses a proprietary protocol that is handled by our HITIComm library in your Arduino program.

Ready-to-use !

Easily customizable !

No need to build your own software !

Building a robust, easy-to-use, nice-looking control and monitoring software is a very time-consuming job requiring ressources and expertise. But don't worry, we did it for you.

Control and monitor easily


Use control panels to control and monitor your I/O and data: read inputs, control outputs and servos, read process data and settings, send setpoints and config values.


1. Select I/O and data to display and name them.
2. Lock the interface to prevent further modifications.

Data plotting

Data plotting versus date/time has never been so easy. Simply select your data and choose a sampling rate. Axis are then automatically configured and scaled. Then acquire and export your data.

Don't miss the release !

HITIPanel is currently under Beta Test

to make it the best tool for all professional Arduino users.

Debug faster


Frustrated about not finding bugs in your Arduino program? Don’t want to use a cumbersome hardware debugger? No problem. Just use HITIPanel monitoring capabilities to identify your bugs by watching variables and values.


Your program behaves irrationally, and you just don’t get what's going on? Then you may be running out of SRAM. HITIPanel helps you easily identify SRAM shortage by monitoring your Free RAM and by offering a visual overview of the different memory sections.


The more responsive your Arduino is, the quicker it is to react to external events such as switch actuation, and the quicker it is to trigger actions accordingly. HITIPanel lets you monitor the loop() cycle time, which you should keep as short and regular as possible.

Manage your Eeprom effortlessly


Need to view and manage the content of your EEPROM? Easy! HITIPanel offers you a nice visual interface to do that.


Want to write and read complex set of data from your EEPROM? HITIPanel simplifies data access and management by organizing memory space by data type (Boolean, Byte, Integer, Long, Float, String).

HITIPanel helps us to easily troubleshoot, debug and do "What-If" quickly and easily directly from the HITIPanel, saving development time and thereby increasing our potential profit on a project.


Director of engineering

The Graph tool visualizes and records input and output values making them available for further processing. Not to mention the Timer and Filter libraries which allow to program complicated processes using just a few lines of code. 


HighSchool Teacher

Benefit from multi-tasking libraries


HITIComm is a set of non-blocking libraries. These libraries are ideal for your multi-tasking applications, that is when you need to run several tasks in parallel (communication, motion control, calculations…). Use of blocking functions is to avoid when using HITIPanel since these functions disturb serial communication.



Feel limited by the standard delay() function which prevents your program from doing anything else in parallel? Then use our non-blocking Timing library to control durations in your program.


Need to control and monitor your servos motions? This is only possible when using a non-blocking library. Lucky you, our Motion Control library is precisely non-blocking.

Boost your product development and prototyping with HITIPanel

Reduce your development time and cost.

Reduce your time-to-market.

Perform advanced servo motion control

Configure your motion as you wish (absolute/relative, speed/time, travel limits…) and move your servo with sub-degrees resolution according to a linear position profile.

Get advanced control of your servo robots

Easily synchronize the motions of several servos moving at the same time and build complex motion sequences for your robotic applications.

Take control with your keyboard

Need to control your robot, machine, or process with your keyboard? Easy! Simply configure the keyboard keys you want to use, enable control, and enjoy.

Help students better understand Arduino with HITIPanel

Visual representation of Arduino main features (IO, Eeprom, Sram).

Visual feedback of what is really going on inside the microcontroller.

Clean and smooth your sensor data


Your sensor has poor resolution, or is in a noisy environment ? No problem ! Use our Signal Processing library to filter your data, remove noise and improve resolution.



Get access to complete video tutorials to master our software in no time. Of course, user manuals and FAQs are also available on our Help Center.



Get access to our Examples to progressively and quickly learn HITIPanel powerful features. Each example showcases the use of a specific functionality through a practical and useful case.


Get access to our private forum, the best place to meet other brilliant fellows, for helping each other, learn, share, and collaborate together.

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Don't miss the release !

HITIPanel is currently under Beta Test

to make it the best tool for all professional Arduino users.