Powerful GUI and Data Plotting for Arduino

HITIPanel provides a User Interface for your all Arduino projects

(control and monitoring, data acquisition, data plotting, data logging)

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HITIPanel, the User Interface for Arduino

HITIPanel provides a convenient user interface (Control Panels, Chart Panel) for the control and monitoring of Arduino-based devices. Simply connect your Arduino to your computer using a serial connection, typically USB (wireless connection coming soon).

HITIPanel, schematics

Software compatibility


Windows 7 - 8.1 - 10 - 11

(64-bit only)


AVR - MegaAVR - MKR boards

(check full list here)

HITIPanel features

Control panels

A customizable user interface for your Arduino-based devices (I/O, Indicators, Gauges, Sliders, Virtual Buttons and Switches).

Chart panel

For plotting and logging data from your Arduino. Zooming, panning, data export and import (Excel, Text), measurements.

EEPROM panel

For storing project calibration values and settings in your Arduino Eeprom.


For moving robots with keyboard to configure positions and motions faster.

Create a GUI for your project within 5 minutes !

Powerful libraries for Arduino

Benefit from essential functionalities with our non-blocking libraries.

Write your Arduino sketches more easily and faster.

HITIPanel, Non-blocking delay



For controlling execution and duration of parallel tasks.

HITIPanel, data filtering and smoothing

data filtering and


For removing noise from sensor data and improving their resolution.

HITIPanel, servo motion control



For setting servo speed and position. Synchronize servos motions for robots.

HITIPanel helped me during the development of a measuring instrument for water treatment (T°, pH...). It allowed me to quickly set up a convenient user interface for data acquisition and analyzis, and for setting instrument parameters.

Johan N.

Mechatronical engineer

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Recent news

HITIPanel for marine biology research

A valvometer was recently developed by Tahiti Robotics to help scientists at Ifremer monitor activities of pearl oysters and their spooning period. This subsea data logger is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini and allows to measure opening and closing motions of oysters during several months. Sensors data are timestamped and logged on a SD card in text files. HITIPanel user interface is used to configure the device and to display sensors data at the end of the measurement (log Text files are imported in HITIPanel).

valvometer and oysters