Thank you for downloading HITIPanel

1) If your download has not started yet, please click here to initiate it.

2) Download and install the Arduino IDE (if not done yet).

3) Install and start HITIPanel.

4) Select "Start your 30-days trial", or enter a licence key to activate the software.

The trial period allows you to test and enjoy all the features of HITIPanel for 30 days.

You will need to purchase a license key to be able to use the sofware after this period.

5) Start creating a user interface to control and monitor your Arduino.

6) Start plotting data from your Arduino.

7) Check our next tutorials to see how to deal with analog I/O, program variables...

If you are experiencing any technical issue, please visit our Help Center or contact our Support Team.

To get info about our Arduino libraries, please visit our Libraries User Manual page.

Our software use OpenJDK. You can download the source code of OpenJDK here.