Apply for the Beta Test

Excited about being the first to test and discover HITIPanel ?

Excellent, we need a small team of awesome Beta Testers to give us valuable feedback on the software. As a Beta Tester, you will have the exclusive opportunity to work with our development team and to help us make HITIPanel the most vital tool for every professional working with Arduino.

As we are looking for a strong, engaged but small team, only few of you will have the privilege to be part of it. Which means…

Don’t wait to apply !


  • Open to professionals using Arduino : industries, startups, laboratories, research centers, schools

  • Must have the following hardware :
    • Computer with Windows OS : 7, 8, 10
    • At least 1 Arduino board supported by HITIPanel : Uno, Mega, Nano, Micro, or Leonardo
    • Electronic components : resistances (1x 220, 2x 10k), 1x potentiometer (10k), 1x electrolytic capacitor (100uF), 1x switch, 1x led, 1x servo, 1x photoresistor, 1x analog temp sensor (TMP36 or similar)
    • Means to easily connect them to your Arduino (e.g. breadboard and wires)
  • Must be available to engage in active testing during November/December 2020 : 4 weeks

  • Must test the product, provide feedbacks, complete weekly surveys and interact with the other Beta Testers (estimated workload : 4h per week)

  • Must respect the confidentiality of this Beta Test

Beta Test starts Tuesday, 10 November !