Control your Arduino using Emotiv EEG headsets

HITIBrain lets you easily control your Arduino, and thus any electrical device, with your mind using Emotiv EEG headsets (Insight, Epoc+, Epoc X).

HITIBrain, Arduino, Emotiv EEG headset

Want to control electrical devices with your mind ?

Such as servos, motors, lights... for various Brain Computer Interface applications :


Robotics Arm, Prosthetic Hand,

Exoskeleton, Wheelchair...

Smart home

Lights, Fans, Doors,

Home appliances...

ART - Gaming

Music, Sounds, Lights

(generated by emotions)

HITIBrain is the solution

HITIBrain is a BCI software which lets you easily connect an Emotiv EEG headset to an Arduino board, the Arduino being the electronic interface to the device to control.

HITIBrain allows the Arduino to receive mental commands from the headset and to drive the device accordingly.


Fast and easy

Start controlling your Arduino with the power of your mind in few minutes !

Be efficient

Focus 100% on your project. Don't waste precious weeks coding and debugging !

Speed up your design

HITIBrain embeds several time-saving tools to help you develop faster.

Software features

HITIBrain, Emotiv Panel

EMotiv panel

For monitoring Sensors Contact Quality,

Mental Commands, Facial Expressions.

HITIBrain, Linker Panel

Linker panel

For creating a connection between your Emotiv EEG headset and your Arduino.

HITIBrain, Arduino control panels

Arduino control panels

For control and monitoring of your Arduino project (I/O, data).

I could connect my Emotiv Insight to my Arduino Uno very quickly with HITIBrain software. I started by controlling a LED using Push command and PWM output. Next, I would like to control servos and work on a bionic hand for my graduation project.

Garren K.

University Student

Control your Arduino with your mind !

Try HITIBrain now !

HITIBrain Compatibility


Insight, Epoc+, Epoc X


Windows 7 - 8.1 - 10 - 11

(64-bit only)


AVR - MegaAVR - MKR boards

(check full list here)

Additional features from HITIPanel

HITIBrain is based on HITIPanel. HITIBrain is the same software as HITIPanel but supplemented by the handling of Emotiv EEG headsets. It means you can benefit from all HITIPanel time-saving tools to develop your BCI projects faster.

HITIBrain, Chart Panel

Chart panel

For plotting various data from your Emotiv headset and your Arduino.

HITIBrain, Keyboard Panel

keyboard panel

For moving robots with keyboard to configure positions and motions faster.

HITIBrain, Eeprom Panel

Eeprom panel

For storing project calibration values and settings in your Arduino Eeprom.

Powerful libraries for Arduino

Benefit from essential functionalities for your BCI applications (non-blocking libraries).

Write your Arduino sketches faster.

HITIBrain, Servo Motion Control library



For setting servo speed and position. Synchronize servos motions for robots.

HITIBrain, Timing library



For controlling execution and duration of parallel tasks.

HITIBrain, Signal Filtering library

Sensor data


For removing noise from sensor data and improve their resolution.

Start developing BCI applications now !

Try HITIBrain now !



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HITIBrain is in the news

HITIBrain was formely known as MindControl.

TV News - TNTV - 2018.08.29