The best GUI for Arduino

Convenient User Interface for all your Arduino projects.

Ready-to-use, fast setup, very few coding required.

GUI for Arduino

HITIPanel provides ready-to-use, easily customizable Control Panels which can be used as GUI for your Arduino projects.

I/O Control panels

User interface for control and monitoring of your Arduino I/O (digital, analog, PWM, servo).

DATA Control panels

A customizable user interface for your Arduino-based devices

(Indicators, Gauges, Sliders, Virtual Buttons, Virtual Switches).

EEPROM panel

User interface for easily storing and viewing project data in your Arduino Eeprom (e.g. calibration values, settings, users ids).


Move your Arduino-based robots with your computer keyboard from HITIPanel user interface.

Data plotting

HITIPanel lets you plot and log data from your Arduino at a high rate (up to 100Hz).

Acquire your data

Acquire and plot your data at the desired rate (up to 100Hz). Display durations or dates in the timeline (data are timestamped).

Analyze your data

Navigate throught your data by zooming (mouse wheel, area selection) and panning (right click).

Very few coding required

Your Arduino sketches are kept small. 

Only few lines of code are required to get a GUI for your Arduino projects.

GUI for Arduino. Arduino User Interface.


Allow to use the I/O Control Panels.

Allow to perform Data Plotting.

GUI for Arduino. Arduino User Interface.


Allow to use the Data Control Panels

(Virtual Buttons, Virtual Switches, Indicators, Metrics, Setpoints).

HITIPanel helped me during the development of a measuring instrument for water treatment (T°, pH...). It allowed me to quickly set up a convenient user interface for data acquisition and analyzis, and for setting instrument parameters.

Johan N.

Mechatronical engineer

Create a GUI for your Arduino projects within 5 minutes !



Windows 7 - 8.1 - 10 - 11

(64-bit only)


AVR - MegaAVR - MKR boards

(check full list here)

Other features

In addition to the GUI for Arduino, HITIPanel provides many other time-saving tools to make your life easier with Arduino : serial plotter with extended functionalities, Eeprom editor to easily store data on your board, device control with your computer keyboard...