The best Serial Plotter for Arduino

Arduino Serial Plotter with extended functionalities : serial plotting and logging,

zooming and panning, data export and import (Excel, Text), measurements.

Fast setup, very few coding required.

Arduino serial plotter, Serial plotter Arduino

Serial plotter for Arduino

HITIPanel provides a powerful Serial Plotter for Arduino (called the Chart Panel) which lets you plot and log data from your Arduino at a high rate (up to 100Hz).

Acquire your data

Acquire and plot your data at the desired rate (up to 100Hz). Display durations or dates in the timeline (data are timestamped).

VIEW your data

Navigate throught your data by zooming (area selection, mousewheel) and panning (right-click).

Analyze your data

Perform measurements (Min, Max, Average, and Frequency values).

export your data

Export your data to Excel or Text files.

IMPORT data from other loggers

Import data from compatible Text files to analyze them in HITIPanel. Import data from one or several files.

Very few coding required

Your Arduino sketches are kept small. 

Only few lines of code are required to plot and log your data.

Arduino serial plotter, Serial plotter Arduino

Example 1

(Plotting I/O values only)

Allow to plot the values of every I/O. No additional code required.

Arduino serial plotter, Serial plotter Arduino

Example 2

(PLOTTING any value)

Allow to plot any value in your Arduino code (boolean, float).

The software HITIPanel was of a great help to plot and visualize my data from several sensors (pressure, flow). I needed it for tuning and checking purpose. I also needed to export the data to Text files to process them through Matlab.

Henri D.

Instrumentation technician

Arduino data plotting made quick and easy with HITIPanel serial plotter !



Windows 7 - 8.1 - 10 - 11

(64-bit only)


AVR - MegaAVR - MKR boards

(check full list here)

Other features

In addition to the Arduino Serial Plotter, HITIPanel provides many other time-saving tools tomake your life easier with Arduino : user interface for your Arduino-based devices, Eeprom editor to easily store data on your board, device control with your computer keyboard...